Many people believe these CHATSFORD teapots and the CHATSFORD mug infuser are the easiest way to prepare loose leaf tea available today.

The internal CHATSFORD strainers:
• remove the need for a conventional tea strainer
• allow the tea to expand properly and infuse quickly
• enable the leaves to be removed from the pot the moment the tea is at the correct strength
• permit a quick and easy clean up afterwards.

They work very well with any infused drink including rooibos, mint, and other herbal teas.

All pots and strainers are dishwasher safe, although we recommend that all strainer units are tapped out and rinsed beforehand. However, neither pots nor strainers should be placed on hot stove tops or in a microwave, nor subjected to direct heat.

If you haven't tried one - please do, either with your own trusted choice of loose leaf tea, or with some of the newer high quality leaf teas or herbal infusions now becoming available on the market. We think you'll never want to be involved with a tea bag again.