This porcelain range of CHATSFORD 2-cup teapots is designed for the cafe/restaurant/hotel sector, to make the serving of high quality loose leaf teas and infusions easy, quick and efficient. Like all CHATSFORD teapots, each one comes fitted with a removable, specially designed strainer.

The range of CHATSFORD Teapots for hotel/restaurant and catering use is made in a fine quality porcelain, in a 2-cup (0.45 litre) size only, in a range of 3 designs as shown:

'Basic' - a traditional English design
'York' - an Art Deco straight sided design
'East' - an eastern influenced design with a stainless steel handle

Each one is fitted with a lift out strainer unit (in a choice of four colours - black, brown, white, jade green). Spare strainers are available.

Please contact us by phone or email for more details and prices.